Pharmacy staff’s cancer support

The Boston branch of a high street pharmacy chain has been able to expand a beauty service it provides for women affected by cancer.

Boots, in High Street, now has two Macmillan beauty advisors to its name.

The first, Emma Barnes, began looking for ways to support women facing a cancer diagnosis after almost losing her mum Jackie to bladder cancer.

She underwent training with Macmillan Cancer Support to become a Boots Macmillan beauty advisor.

The role sees her advise women on how to disguise the visible signs of cancer such as hair and eyebrow loss, nail loss and dry cracked skin.

She has now been joined by colleague Anastasia Stratigou, who has also completed the training.

Anastasia will also be supporting her colleague in an initiative created by Emma called ‘Feel More Like You’ sessions.

The sessions aim to help women living in the area get their confidence back with a make-up and skincare session, specifically geared towards managing the visible signs of cancer and treatment. The sessions - a joint venture between Boots and Macmillan - are also an opportunity for women to meet others going through a similar experience.

Emma said: “After everything that happened with mum, when I was offered the chance to do the Macmillan training and become a Boots Macmillan beauty advisor, there was no way I could say ‘no’. Macmillan was always a charity that I’d support. Anything I can do to make a difference and help women feel a bit better about themselves is a positive thing.”

She added: “Then we started talking about how we could take this further and the ‘Feel More Like You’ idea emerged.”

For more information on the sessions, call 01205 446392 or email

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