Pig out on belly pork

Chef - Paul Topliss.
Chef - Paul Topliss.

This week’s recipe comes from Paul Topliss, head chef at The Mill, and is a rolled belly of pork stuffed with black pudding and apricot, with a fondant potato and a cider jus.


l 1/4 of a pork belly (boned)

l 1/4 of a black pudding (sliced)

l 6oz chopped apricots


l 1 onion – rough chopped

l 2 carrots – rough chopped

l 4 cloves of garlic

l 1 parsnip – chopped

l 1 swede – chopped

l 1 can of cider

l 4 potatoes – peeled and turned

l Vegetable stock – enough to cover potatoes

l 4oz butter

l 3 sprigs of thyme

l Gravy granules


l Lay out belly pork skin side down and place sliced black pudding and apricots on top

l Roll the belly pork and tie together.

l In a baking tray place the vegetables and garlic and sit belly pork on top.

l Cover belly pork with cider, a little vegetable oil and season, cover first with greaseproof paper and then with tin foil

l Place in a pre-heated oven at 180c and cook for two hours.

l Put turned potatoes in a saucepan and cover with cold veg stock, add the butter and thyme

l Turn pan on a low heat and cook until they begin to soften, but not break up.

l Remove from pan and place in a deep tray, skim butter off the remaining stock and place it over the potatoes.

l After belly pork has been cooking for two hours remove the tin foil and leave in for a further 1/2 hour until the skin has crisped up. The potatoes should also be placed in the oven when you remove the tin foil.

l Remove belly pork and potatoes from the oven and set aside. Place the vegetables from under the pork belly in a saucepan with the liquid from the tray as well, add one pint of water and boil, thickening with gravy granules.

l Pass the thickened mixture through a sieve pushing as much vegetable through as possible.

l Remove string from belly pork and slice, place on a plate with a potato and drizzle the sauce over the top.

l This dish is currently available on the menu at The Mill, 148 Spilsby Road. 01205 352874