Plans for rail link from Boston to London

BOSTON could be set to receive a direct rail link to London.

That means shopping trips, nights out in the West End or even commuting to the city could all become much easier.

Rail bosses have drawn up plans for a direct line running from King’s Cross to Skegness - which would make access to the capital so much easier.

Plans are to run four trains per day, which could raise more than £2 million per year.

The proposals - which would include stops at Spalding, Sleaford and Boston - was put mooted in the Network Rail 2016 Capacity Review which document shows an ‘aspiration’ for a line linking London King’s Cross to Skegness.

Network Rail confirmed that the line was included in its plans because an operator has shown interest in running the route, which has long been a dream of campaigners.

However, a spokesman added that it would be impossible to suggest when the link could be up and running.

They said: “As stated, it is an aspiration expressed by an open access operator and it is not yet possible to say whether it would come to fruition or how soon.

“The routing between Peterborough and Skegness looks possible; a more critical issue might well be finding paths between Peterborough and King’s Cross at times attractive to potential users of the service.

“Clearly, the service would derive benefit over the Peterborough-Spalding-Sleaford section from the Joint Line upgrade.”

At present, Boston travellers hoping to spend a day in London have to drive to Peterborough to take a direct train to King’s Cross, or take a train from Boston to Grantham, changing to take a direct train, again to King’s Cross.