QUESTION TIME: Pupils quiz David Dimbleby...and get inside track on show

Boston High School's Young Journalist Academy
Boston High School's Young Journalist Academy

A team of six young journalists were given the rare opportunity to interview David Dimbleby when Question Time came to Boston last week.

They innovatively took this amazing experience to film and produce the interview for their own record.

Jenny Brown asked: “Do you think the location of Question Time can often stimulate the topic of debate?”

In relation to immigration in Boston he said: “It’s a natural place to debate that issue.”

This was evident during the evening show when members of the public debated the postive and negatives.

The team ws also given the chance to interview the director to get an insight of how the programme is produced.

Young journalist Anya Stacey said: “It was a great opportunity and we even had the chance to try out some of the cameras ourselves alongside the professional cameramen.”

Boston High School’s A-Level Media Studies students were also given the chance to shadow the production team. This included being given a tour around the mobile studio where all of the technical production including camera, editing and sound took place, the Question Time set and an opportunity to answer questions such as what a career within the media entails.

Lucy Warren then had the opportunity to be in the audience of the final production aired on television at 10.35pm, setting an example by wearing the school’s uniform.

Proud to be the youngest member of the audience, she said: “It was a great experience. Not only did it look good for me but the school too. It gave me an insight into the political world and I would happily do it again.”

Earlier five students were also able to sit alongside David Dimbleby and answer political questions asked by a mock audience made up of their peers.

Boston High School acting principal Wendy Costin-Morris told The Standard: “It’s been busy, but it’s been absolutely fascinating, the way they have involved the students has been really quite overwhelming for us.”