Rent is unaffordable in Boston, a survey says

RENTS in Boston are among the most unaffordable in the East Midlands, according to a survey by a leading housing charity.

A report by Shelter has shown that the average rent for a two-bedroom property in the area takes around 36 per cent of the average local monthly income, making Boston the second most expensive place to rent in the region.

It puts the borough firmly in the ‘fairly unaffordable’ bracket for private rent.

Boston was only one per cent behind the City of Leicester, which was the most unaffordable place to rent in the area, and on a par with Northampton.

The average for the rest of the East Midlands was 30 per cent, which is classed as affordable.

It costs between £450 and £499 to rent a two bedroom property in Boston, the charity said, and because of the median income in the area, the amount is over the threshold for affordability.

Andy Fisher, head of housing at Boston Borough Council, said: “High demand, the increasing cost of rented accommodation in the private sector and static, or decreasing, wages mean the Shelter statistics are correct.”

He added that the authority was working with other agencies to provide more affordable housing for people in the area.

Planning permission has recently been given for 20 affordable homes in Sutterton.

Stepford Homes and Waterloo Housing were given permission to build on the site, at Greenacre Nurseries, Boston Road, because of the need for more affordable housing in the area.

Mr Fisher said the council was also working to identify more areas which might be suitable for affordable housing.

The borough of Kensington and Chelsea was the most expensive place to rent, with the average two-bedroom property costing £2,714. The cheapest was Burnley, at £394.