REVIEW: Ron Howard’s Rush is a brilliant sporting drama

Rush picture
Rush picture

Resident reviewer Gavin Miller is impressed by Formula One film Rush...

Acclaimed director Ron Howard deserves immense credit for crafting one of the best sporting dramas in recent history.

It depicts the Formula One rivalry between British ‘playboy’ driver James Hunt and disciplined Austrian legend Niki Lauda in the mid-Seventies, when death was sadly a regular occurrence.

Two stand-out performances from Chris Hemsworth as McLaren star Hunt, and particularly Daniel Bruhl as Ferrari driver Niki Lauda, makes it an intriguing watch.

That coupled with some slick editing (including arguably some of the best sport-based action seen on screen), turns Rush into one of the best movies of the year.

Centred around Hunt and Lauda’s fight for the 1976 championship title, it particularly depicts Lauda’s battle back from a life-threatening crash that leaves his face burnt and lungs severely damaged.

Two hours doesn’t allow enough time to really dissect Hunt’s ‘non-stop party’ life, but gives enough of a glimpse.

Bruhl’s exhilarating performance as Lauda is the real winner here even though his more seriously straight-laced lifestyle is arguably easier to portray than Hunt’s.

Rush slows to intermittently border on the formulaic but with so much to tell that’s an understandable criticism that can generally be overlooked.