Rose Place home blossoming after makeover

This ole house! How the Rose Place property looks now and (below) before.
This ole house! How the Rose Place property looks now and (below) before.

A derelict Boston bungalow has been transformed from an eyesore into a home, sweet home – as part of a £192,000 makeover.

The Rose Place property has become the first of 24 buildings which will have life breathed back into 
them during the next three years.



This is due to the Affordable Homes Programme, which aims to help transform the 700,000 empty properties across the country into liveable dwellings as soon 
as possible.

The near-£200,000 grant will enable a total of 24 
homes in our area to be revamped within the next 36 months.

“It is very rewarding to see what was previously a run-down property being improved to a high standard and about to become someone’s home,” said Matthew Splittles, director of operations for Boston Mayflower.

The housing provider worked alongside Boston Borough Council in 
securing the government funding to ensure the project could go ahead.

Rose Place residents have welcomed the project arriving on their doorstep with open arms.

Neighbour Martin Haldhous gave it the thumbs up, saying: “The work done on it has made a major improvement to the area.

“We hope this continues in the future.”

To qualify for the scheme, buildings must have been empty for at least six months, and have residential planning use.

Under the scheme, properties will be brought up to Decent Homes Standard – a criteria which must be met for public housing – and leased to Mayflower for up to 10 years.

They are then let out with an affordable rent to tenants.