Saints are hoping for a good year

A BOSTON band also hoping for a successful year with the release of their debut album.

Digital Saints are currently working on A Whole New Ball Game which they hope to release along with their tour later in the year.

Band member Pete Creasy said: “We are trying to go for a heavily-produced studio sound, but maintain the live feel, going very melodic with catchy synths and going for a more harsh rap/rock vocal.”

He said the band, which consists of himself and members Chunk, Jase and Daniella, is influenced by various different subjects but like to base their music on life.

He added: “We take circumstances and happenings to do with ourselves, both personal and public and turn them into songs. With this being our debut album, we are trying to make a point of we're here, we're ready, we are, Digital Saints"

The band, which has existed since 2009, has undergone several line-up changes and released a number of EPs since its creation.

The band describes its music as Prodigy-esque dubstep punk combining new school drum and bass, dubstep, electro synths and basses with modern, punk and metal guitars and beats.