‘Sausage King’ visits Boston in search for best bangers

The Sausage King aka Stephen Plume outside Mountains in Boston.
The Sausage King aka Stephen Plume outside Mountains in Boston.

Nicknamed the Sausage King, Stephen Plume has visited Boston on the trail of sausage perfection.

He explained the fascination with the banger initially came from a website he launched.

“I started www.sausagefans.co.uk as a joke about 13 years ago,” said Stephen. “I was saddened by the demise of traditional sausage making skills and thought I could use the internet to help people share their recommended sausage makers, cooking tips and recipes.

He added: “I underestimated the enthusiasm of the sausage loving public. Within a few months I was inundated with suggestions for sausage makers and so sausagefans.co.uk began to grow from strength to strength.”

The website, which also includes a selection of recommended sausage books, now has more than 1,300 recommended sausage makers including 50 in Lincolnshire.

“I was excited by the sausages when I last visited Lincolnshire,” said Stephen, who is also a secondary school maths teacher. “But it was about so much more than the sausages. The people I met on this visit were inspirational. Mountain’s Boston Sausage have been using the same recipe for well over 100 years and you can see why it has gone from strength to strength.

“They are very passionate about sourcing the right ingredients as locally as possible. They care about the whole customer experience. Their enthusiasm was infectious.”

The father-of-four from Norfolk added: “The sausages at Mountain’s Boston Sausage were a real treat.

“I was really impressed by the balance of flavours, the quality of sourcing local ingredients and the enthusiasm and passion of the whole team.”

Is there a sausage maker you can recommend to help Stephen find sausage perfection?

You can tweet him at @sausagekinguk or get in touch via www.sausagefans.co.uk.