Second Boston shop was found selling illegal cigarettes

Police news.
Police news.

Police have revealed that a second shop was caught selling illegal cigarettes during a crackdown last week.

Officers teamed up with Trading Standards for ‘two days of action’ targeting the sale of tobacco products that are not licensed to be on the shelves in this country.

The Standard reported last week how International Mini Market in High Street was raided, along with a residential property. It has now emerged that Europe Express, in West Street, was also targeted and found to be selling the goods.

Police say the raid followed ‘test purchase’ operations the week before where plain clothes officers had been able to buy illegal products.

Local Officers, PCSOs and foreign language speaking volunteers were all part of the operation.

From the International Mini Market Officers seized a quantity of Illegal cigarettes and alcohol, as well as an amount of out of date food items. This store had previously been involved in the illegal sale of tobacco products.

Europe Express also had a quantity of cigarettes seized and a concealed drawer was discovered beneath the serving counter, used to hide the cigarettes.

A force spokesman said: “Europe Express is licensed to sell alcohol but, as a result of this criminal behaviour and other breaches of the licence conditions, the Alcohol Licensing Department is in the process of submitting paperwork for a Licence Review.”

At the residential premises in Fenside, officers seized 30,000 cigarettes and approximately £3,800 in cash. One male was arrested and a criminal prosecution is ongoing.

The Economic Crime Unit will now become involved and begin their own investigation following the findings at the premises.