Secrecy remains over Rooms sale

Boston Assembly Rooms
Boston Assembly Rooms

MYSTERY still surrounds the sale of Boston’s historic Assembly Rooms – but the borough council leader insists the deal is necessary to stop the authority losing a ‘significant’ amount of money.

The town centre landmark was put on the market with a guide price of £445,000 and at the end of July was revealed to have been ‘sold subject to contracts’.

Last week The Standard attempted to shed light on the type or name of the business involved in the deal by requesting a record of the decision, as outlined by the Local Government Act.

In response the council confirmed the information already released and said further details are defined as ‘exempt’ by the act.

It said the decision to sell the building dates back to December 2, 2006.

Council leader Peter Bedford said: “At this stage it is still in the ownership of Boston Borough Council and until the contracts are signed and exchanged we can’t say any more.

“As it stands at the moment you have got to take into consideration the amount of money that that’s costing ratepayers of Boston every week.

“I can’t say the figure but it’s a substantial amount of money lost every week.”

It has also previously been stated that in the region of £150,00 would need to be spent on the exterior alone.

A campaign has been set up to oppose the possible loss of the public toilets at the Assembly Rooms.

Coun Bedford said it was not possible to oblige the new owner to keep the loos open.

He said: “We are selling the buildings full stop. We can’t put caveats in. None of the bidders wanted anything like that putting into it.

“At the end of the day the purchaser of the buildings will decide what happens to things like that.

“If the sale goes ahead then we can use part of the money for the Cattle Market toilets and probably the bus station.”

The sale is expected to be complete by the end of the