Staff housing plans approved by committee

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There has been a boost for Wyberton entrepreneur Evan Jenkins who has been operating Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal since he set up the business in 1999.

Boston borough planners have given him the green light to build a two-storey house at his premises – The Plantation, off Rowdyke Road in the village – for the purpose of accommodating one of his 15 workers and their family.

The employee presence will provide enhanced 24-hour-a-day security against the ever-present risk of theft or fire.

Mr Jenkins’ agent, Giles Crust, told the council’s committee when it met earlier this month: “This business is already a success story, but it needs your encouragement and support if it is to continue to grow, thereby enhancing the local economy.”

The backing of councillors was unanimous, with Coun Jonathan Noble saying: “Mr Jenkins is to be congratulated on his burgeoning business.”

This was echoed by Coun Brian Rush, who added: “We need to encourage industry.”