Staples’ caravan application to go before planning board

A CONTROVERSIAL proposal to increase the number of caravans for Staples Vegetables workers is set to go before planners later today.

The Wrangle company is hoping to up the number of pitches for seasonal workers from 41 to 63, to enable more people to come and farm the land during the peak growing season.

Bosses at the farm claim the caravans are to accommodate an increase in workers from outside of the local area, and that by having workers living on site, it reduced the need for agency staff and allowed the company to look after its own staff.

However, a nunber of people have said the increase would bring too many people into the village, putting too muc pressure on local services and increasing the volume of traffic.

But Staples has argued the workers would rarely need medical services, despite admitting minor injuries may send staff to the doctor roughly once every three weeks.

Boston Borough Council’s planning board will review the application this afternoon.

Check back later to discover the result of the hearing.