Takeover could spark big growth

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NEW York-based company Carlton Recycling Limited could be going up in the world – after it was taken over by a larger environmental firm.

Ellgia Recycling Limited, which is based in Cambridge, completed the takeover at the beginning of the month.

Staff at the local firm believe the change will provide them with great opportunities for growth in the future.

Paul Appleyard, managing director of Carlton Recycling Limited, commented: “Ellgia Recycling is an innovative recycling company which I believe provides great opportunities for the business, customers and staff.

“They have all the attributes to take the company to the next level.”

He added: “We would like to thank both our customers and staff, we are sure they will be in safe hands with Ellgia Recycling Limited.”

Steve Crook, managing director of Ellgia, said he was ‘delighted’ that the company had taken over Carlton Recycling Limited.

He said: “I feel the principals of the two companies are aligned and will enhance our operational coverage.

“Ellgia Recycling has invested significantly in the latest technology to help provide the now essential management data to our customers.

“We will be looking to introduce this technology to our new customers so they too can benefit.”

l For more information visit www.ellgiarecycling.co.uk.