Ten Boston recruits needed for ‘talent match’


Ten young people from the Boston area are needed to fill roles in a new program offering employment guidance.

Talent Match is a Lottery-funded program working with young people in Boston, Skegness, Gainsborough and Lincoln with the aim of supporting them with their employability needs, training and skills, and helping them move closer to or into employment.

Part of the programme is the Talent Match Youth Network (TMYN) which is looking to recruit people aged 18–24 to help establish and develop Talent Match, and identify and promote new and existing activities.

TMYN members will be to work with local Talent Match youth advocates, informing them of activities and services young people need in their area. Members can assess, promote, services and activities in their area, research and develop new ones and give feedback.

Mick Taylor, from Talent Match, said: “We are looking for 10 young people in each area for roles in the TMYN so we can proudly say ‘young people DO have a say on what happens in their town’.”

l Details on 07979 510244 or visit www.tmyn-greaterlincs.co.uk.