Traders say things are looking up... but transport still a concern


A countywide survey – including 130 businesses in Boston – has found nearly two-thirds of Lincolnshire firms reported improved performance over the past year.

Almost three-quarters of the 1,515 employers surveyed over the telephone by BMG Research in April and May 2014 expect their business to grow in the next 12 months.

A Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership spokesman said the figures showed ‘signs of optimism’.

They added the results back up the Quarterly Economic Survey of businesses in Lincolnshire which reported improving conditions and growing optimism since 2013.

Figures showed 65 per cent of employers reported an increase in profitability, turnover, sales and market share in the last year, and 72 per cent expect performance to improve in the next 12 months.

However, the survey did highlight some challenges in terms of infrastructure: when asked to rate the area’s positive aspects only 21 per cent of respondents rated the transport infrastructure as good. Poor transport infrastructure was cited by 30 per cent of private sector employers as an obstacle to business growth.

Ursula Lidbetter MBE, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, said: “Poor transport infrastructure is an area that employers have highlighted as a negative factor and we will continue to prioritise transport – particularly rail and road infrastructure – in our plans for the Greater Lincolnshire.”