Unemployment drops in Boston – but only just

UNEMPLOYMENT in Boston borough dropped in December 2010 – by 10 people.

The number out of work fell from 1,132 in November to 1,122 in December but the figure was not enough to change the percentage of unemployment in the district.

Those between the ages of 16 and 64 claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the borough still stood at 3.1 per cent against a national average of 3.5 per cent, and 3.3 per cent for the East Midlands.

Of those unemployed in December, 762 were male, and 360 were female. The largest number of those out of work fell into the 25-29 age group, standing at 590, with 330 in the 18-24 group and 195 in the 50 and over group, respectively.

The unemployment rate in Boston has been gradually dropping since February last year – when it stood at 1,464, some 4.1 per cent of the population of the borough.

This percentage was equalled by the national unemployment figure for that month.

In East Lindsey figures for December 2010 show there was a 3.7 per cent unemployment rate.

Some 3,116 were unemployed during this month, 2,172 of which were men, and 944 were women.

Out of the six Lincolnshire districts, only three saw a fall in unemployment from November to December, 2010. The other two were North Kesteven with a drop of 15 registered as unemployed, and South Holland, with 108 fewer.