UPDATE: Our guide to where the fuel is in Boston plus police advice

FUEL levels are low across Boston this evening after another day of panic buying across the borough.

Here’s the latest update from the stations across our area:

*Esso, John Adams Way, Boston - ran out of all fuel

*Total, London Road, Boston - ‘plenty’ of petrol and diesel

*Applegate, Sleaford Road, Boston - out of fuel, expecting a delivery later tonight

*Midway Garage, Sibsey - out of diesel, only allowing £5 to £10 per customer of petrol as they are saving supplies for the NHS. Delivery expected at the weekend.

*BP, Sutterton Roundabout - no diesel, but some unleaded and will be having a delivery tomorrow.

*We have been unable to contact the Four Winds and Jet service stations at East Heckington, Star garage at Bicker Bar roundabout or Tesco at Wyberton Fen.

Lincolnshire Police has had several reports from motorists concerned that queues are building up out of pterol stations, blocking up roads.

Spokesman Dick Holmes said: “There are huge queues at some service stations and they are backing out into the main highway and causing some local difficulties.

“Most people seem to be acting and being patient and sensible.”

Mr Holmes called for common sense and urged people not to fill up their tanks unless they need to.

He added: “There’s no great necessity to get involved in massive queues and using your fuel sitting and waiting to re-fuel.

“It does seem a little perverse.”