UPDATE: Residents left without water following burst main

Anglian Water news from Spalding.
Anglian Water news from Spalding.

Areas of Boston has been left without water after a burst water main this afternoon.

Residents began tweeting Anglian Water after the water stopped flowing, with some claiming they could not ‘find a cup of coffee anywhere’.

The water company has tweeted several of them back saying they had found a burst water main and that a technician was looking to isolate the problem and get water flowing within the hour.

One tweet said: “We’ve believe this is due to a burst water main. Once the technician has isolated the burst the water should slowly return.”

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused to customers in the Boston area who have been affected by a burst water main this afternoon.

“This is one of two large pipes which take water from our Sutterton treatment works. The other remains in service so we are able to shut off the leaking pipe for repairs and still maintain supplies to the area.

“Water should be back on over the next few hours, although some people may still notice slightly lower than usual pressure.

“As water returns people may notice white or cloudy water. This is caused by air in the water supply as a result of the burst main and is harmless. This should clear if the water is allowed to stand in a glass.

“Once again we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”