‘Vapourisers are helping smokers to quit for good’

Craig Coope at Boston Vape in Church Steet.
Craig Coope at Boston Vape in Church Steet.

A vapour cigarette shop owner in Boston has spoken out to defend ‘vaping’ as the ideal way to quit a heavy smoking habit.

With an estimated two million people in the UK now smoking e-cigarettes - also known as ‘vapourisers’ - there are increasing national reports and studies about the health benefits over regular smoking - but also fears it could encourage children to smoke tobacco.

Boston Vape opened in flood-affected Church Street last weekend – but had been operating out of Voodoo Tattoo nearby for over a month.

Owner Craig Coope said: “Since I started selling I’ve had about 50 smokers quit after coming in for advice.

“They have later returned as fully-vaping customers. Some have cut down from a 40-a-day smoking habit to just five, while others have completely cut it out.”

Mr Coope used to be a smoker himself and said he tried everything from nicotine patches to gum – but none of it worked for him.

His own experience is backed by recent research from University College London which conducted a survey on smokers’ attempts to quit. They found that people were 60 per cent more likely to succeed with e-cigarettes than willpower alone or over-the-counter nicotine replacement products.

“With vapourisers you don’t get the tar on your lungs or the passive smoking issue – and you can control the amount of nicotine you have, eventually cutting it right down,” said Mr Coope.

“Asides from being healthier than regular smoking - the other benefits are you can smoke vapes at football matches, on trains and other places where regular smoking is banned.”

Boston Vape sells vapourisers, flavoured liquids, accessories, and customisable parts to build your own.

“Vaping is so new, so some people are still wary of it - but they need to listen to the facts and not heresay,” added Mr Coope.

“Some say it could encourage children with all the fancy flavours - but if I want a vape that tastes like Skittles or candyfloss, why can’t I?

“It makes the vaping experience even better that you can choose from so many flavours.”