What’s your view on George Osborne’s Budget?

GEORGE Osborne has delivered his Budget speech this afternoon - but how does it affect you in Boston?

Changes to the personal tax allowance, planning rules and cigarette duty were among the package of measures announced by the Chancellor today.

His speech included:

* plans to increase the threshold at which workers start paying tax to £9,025 in April 2013. The threshold is due to rise to £8,105 this April

* cutting the 50p top tax rate to 45p. This will be introduced in April 2013

* a new seven per cent Stamp Duty on homes over £2 million

* a cut in Corporation Tax to 24 per cent from April and 22 per cent by 2014

* issuing a statement to taxpayers to show where their cash is spent

* a partial cut in child benefit for people earning over £50,000

* a change to Sunday trading laws to allow shops to open for longer during the Olympic Games

* a pledge to look into enterprise loans for young people starting businesses

* tax breaks for video games and television shows

* cash for superfast broadband in areas that private sector investment does not reach

* a new 20 per cent gaming machines duty

* no changes to fuel duty plans - meaning a likely pterol price rise of three per cent

* vehicle excise duty to be frozen for road hauliers but rise by inflation for other drivers

* cuts to income tax breaks for pensioners

What do you think of the plans? Will you benefit or be out of pocket? Email andrew.brookes@jpress.co.uk