Businesses praised for their efforts but more nationals needed

Boston in Bloom. Pictures supplied.
Boston in Bloom. Pictures supplied.

Businesses in Boston have been praised for the work they put into this years’ in bloom bid, however, organisers would like more national businesses to get involved.

Following the judge’s tour on Friday, the Mayor of Boston Coun Richard Austin, praised the efforts of the ‘huge’ team involved in Boston in Bloom, especially the 18 partner businesses and organisations.

He stressed how helpful all these efforts were in promoting the all-important image of the town and improving the feel-good factor for all who lived here.

Boston in Bloom chairman Alison Fairman also praised those who got involved.

She said ‘Pescod Square was immaculate’ and thanked others for their donations.

Judge Jeff Bates also praised those getting involved.

Mrs Fairman said: “He was really very interested in the work businesses were doing and we told him about, for example, Bakkavor who have provided baskets.”

However, she said: “But some national businesses didn’t join in and it was something he hoped next year we could press them to participate in.”

She said the in bloom competition ‘makes a difference to the town’.

“If the town looks good, we hope employers will be able to attract employees and see what a lovely town this is,” she said.

“These little things make a tremendous difference to people who might want to come and live in Boston.”

Other businesses to help out this year included Boston Greenscapers, B&Q Boston, Bells Nursery Outlet, TaylorITEX and Produce World.