Call for knitting group to help keep dogs warm

Hailey Pettit with Grace, Lauren Bell with Mac
Hailey Pettit with Grace, Lauren Bell with Mac

Nifty knitters are being asked to join a group in Boston to make coats, hats, snoods and toys to keep rescue dogs warm this winter.

Boston woman Desiree Robinson is setting up a knitting group in town to produce the garments for hounds needing homes at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk. “I got my dog from there 11 years ago and they doa great job. I’d like people to come on board with the knitting group,” she said.

“They can join us for social knitting at a venue in town or knit from their own homes.” Jerry Green Dog Rescue, which has four other sanctuaries in the East Midlands, launched their ‘great doggie knit-off’ campaign last week, with the aim of keeping dogs without homes warm this winter.

Pictured is Hailey Pettit and Lauren Bell at the Algarkirk centre, with dogs Grace and Mac.

If you would like to join the Boston knitting group call Desiree on 07572 771027. For Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk call 01205 260546.