Cambridge professor under fire for Boston immigration comments on BBC Question Time

Mary Beard on Question Time
Mary Beard on Question Time

A Cambridge University professor who spoke about immigration in Boston on last week’s Question Time has been blasted with hateful comments since the programme aired.

Mary Beard discussed Boston Borough Council’s report into the social impact of population chance when she appeared on the BBC current affairs show last week.

She said she thought it tackled a lot of myths on the topic of immigration in Boston and showed the number of economic migrants coming to the area were benefiting the borough. It was part of a discussion about an incoming change which will allow Romanians and Bulgarians freedom of movement within the EU.

But her comments were not well-received by many people, and since then she has been bombarded with abuse online.

Many insults levelled at the professor in the posts have been sexual and personal.

In her blog for the Times Educational Supplement, she hit back at the posts, saying: “The misogyny here is truly gobsmacking. It would be quite enough to put many women off appearing in public, contributing to political debate, especially as all of this comes up on Google.”

We have been unable to print much of the content of the blog, because strong language is used throughout. However, to read the piece, click here.