Can you help solve mystery of why street name in Boston keeps being changed?

The bogus sign for Hatchers Walk
The bogus sign for Hatchers Walk

A street sign in Boston keeps mysteriously being changed with a bogus - but authentic looking - name plate.

On two occasions someone has gone to the trouble and expense of having a replacement sign made up in pressed metal reading ‘Hatchers Walk’ and used it to replace the authorised sign for ‘Fydell Court’.

The bogus sign has been made to look completely authentic and riveted in place in just the way that street signs are.

On the facing side of the cul-de-sac off Fydell Street the other original street sign remains untouched, still declaring, properly, the development to be Fydell Court.

The mystery has left Boston Borough Council chiefs scratching their heads.

A council spokesman said: “Someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble, not to mention expense. The signs have been tidily riveted in place. But there is a serious side to this. For one thing it is illegal to interfere and change street signs without lawful permission – you cannot just rename a street. And then there is the delay which could be caused if emergency services were looking for the address and were confused by the wrong name. It wouldn’t be such a joking matter if someone suffered as a result.”

The council has to maintain the appropriate street name, and so will have to replace the name plate at the tax payers expense.

It has asked that the culprit, who may be having a local joke, to not interfere with the sign again.