Carlton such an inspiration to other runners

Carlton Fletcher.
Carlton Fletcher.

One of the newest participants in Boston’s weekly 5km parkrun is already a big hit with his fellow runners.

Twenty-year-old Carlton Fletcher, who has Down’s Syndrome, has taken part in four parkruns along with his mum Michelle and his efforts have inspired his fellow runners.

When Carlton recently declared he wanted to get fitter, his mum Michelle wasn’t sure what exercise would be best for him.

Michelle said: “Carlton heard about the parkrun when he was at Boston College. I wasn’t certain if it would be suitable for him but we decided to give it a go, and people couldn’t have been lovelier. They were so welcoming, friendly and supportive and Carlton really enjoyed it.

“He can’t run all the way round, so we take our time and he walks or trots depending on how he feels. We aren’t very quick but it’s so touching that the majority of the other runners are still waiting at the finish line to cheer him home. He loves that and even tries to put on a little spurt at the end.

“He’s such a character and I’m very proud of him.”

After a recent run one of the participants posted a report on the parkrun website, saying: “I recently volunteered at Boston parkrun as tail runner and I caught up with Carlton and Michelle. Carlton is amazing.

“They had already completed the course once, but unfortunately without a barcode. So, fully registered, they came back for another go.

“Carlton had gone off like a whippet at the start and soon found he couldn’t maintain that pace, so the three of us walked, jogged, sang, ran ‘like Rocky’, talked of reward dinners for all the effort we were putting in and smiled for photos.

“I didn’t care what time my watch said, we were enjoying life and having a brilliant time.”

Boston parkruns are held every Saturday at Witham Way Country Park, from 9am.