Cash, cars and cigarettes seized in raid

Some of the items confiscated during the raid today (Wednesday).
Some of the items confiscated during the raid today (Wednesday).

More than 15,000 cigarettes have been seized, along with hand-rolling tobacco, cash and three vehicles in a raid on a property in Boston today (Wednesday).

A spokesman said officers from Lincolnshire Trading Standards and the Alcohol Licensing Team at Lincolnshire Police took part in the raid on Castle Street in Boston.

More than 15,000 cigarettes and 9kg of hand-rolling tobacco were seized including 2,000 Jin Lings, which the spokesman said are illegal and very dangerous.

The raid was carried out following intelligence reports about the sale of illicit tobacco at the property.

Three suspects have been arrested at the scene and more than £10,000 in cash was confiscated by Lincolnshire Police.

HMRC was contacted after a further discovery of tobacco and cigarettes were found in the boot of a car belonging to one of the suspects and they seized three vehicles from the scene.

Tara Carter, senior officer for Lincolnshire Trading Standards, said: “These products are smuggled, counterfeit and unsafe – they are not the bargain they seem to be.

“The products that we have taken are illegal because taxes haven’t been paid on them and many had foreign labels, which is illegal as they don’t display the UK safety warnings.

“What is also extremely worrying is the fact that we found so many Jin Lings there too, as these cigarettes do not self-extinguish and therefore do not meet the safety requirements to be legally sold in the UK.

“People who sell illegal cigarettes to often unsuspecting consumers, are effectively encouraging them to smoke products that may be filled with dirt, unregulated chemicals or even rat droppings.”

If you believe illegal, fake or duty free goods such as cigarettes are being sold from a residential property, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.