‘Cat crisis’ at RSPCA Lincolnshire East

Fluffy is one of the cats rescued by the RSPCA branch in need of a loving new home.NA
Fluffy is one of the cats rescued by the RSPCA branch in need of a loving new home.NA

RSPCA Lincolnshire East is making a desperate plea for help in dealing with its current ‘cat crisis’.

The branch, which covers the Boston and south Lincolnshire area, has more than 40 cats and kittens in need of new homes.

The branch rehomed 88 cats last year, but already the number needing new homes this year has increased dramatically.

They are hoping people will come forward to help either rehome the cats currently in their care, or sign up to become foster carers.

Cherrie Bartlett, rehoming co-ordinator for the branch, said: “It is so heartbreaking to have so many wonderful animals in our care, but we are unable to find them new loving homes which they deserve. Some of the cats we are currently looking after have been with us for a year. Sadly the number of people coming forward to adopt them seems to have decreased, yet the number of people who chose to abandon them keeps increasing.

“There is a real fear that if we are not able to find new homes or fosterers for the cats currently in our care, then we are going to struggle to cope with any new animals who will all need our help and support.”

She added: “If a person isn’t able to offer a cat a permanent home they could still help us through fostering. It can be ideal for animal lovers who want to help, but don’t have the time to take on the permanent commitment of owning a pet.”

Cats currently in need of new homes include Fluffy who was rescued in a matted condition and had to have her fur clipped.

l If you are interested in rehoming a cat or in becoming a fosterer contact the branch on 01205 319059 or email enquiries@rspca-lincseast.org.uk.