Cause of explosion blast is still a mystery

POLICE and fire crews are still waiting to discover the cause of the explosion which killed five people in July.

Emergency services which dealt with the blast at the illicit vodka still at the Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate are still using various methods to establish what led to the fatal incident, which also left a man suffering from 75 per cent burns.

He remains in hospital in a critical condition and is sedated.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said that the officer dealing with the case was waiting for reports from the Fire & Rescue service and the Health and Safety Executive to be finalised.

Some of the forensic evidence also needs to be finalised and police are unable to say when that will be completed.

The discovery of the illegal distillery has prompted police and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to step up attempts to clamp down on the illegal alcohol business in the town.

Since the explosion, on July 13, police have uncovered a number of domestic distilleries. They have also held organised searches of industrial units in the town, but nothing has yet been revealed.