Celebration time at Donington teen park

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YOUNGSTERS in Donington have been celebrating further developments at the Flinders Founders Teen Park.

The recreational area in the village’s Town Dam Lane has been created by a group of motivated young people who wanted to improve where they lived.

A celebration day has now been held to mark the final spending of a £4,414 grant from the Bicker Wind Farm Trust.

Secretary of the group and the only ‘adult’ member Margaret Wright said: “The money has been used to improve the environment of the park – to make it greener and prettier.”

The money has paid for an extra bin, more seating, extra logs to complete the log circle for seating and biking and increase the number of flower beds and plants.

“The main thing was at the front of the teen park, where what was basically a ditch has been transformed into a flower bed,” added Margaret.

Unfortunately, after the improvements were made, Margaret said two bins were set alight, but she hopes this issue has been resolved.

The group intends to continue to make further bids for funding to continue to enhance the park.

l We sent our snapper David Dawson along to the celebration day. You can buy his pictures by visiting www.photostoday.co.uk or by calling our reception on 01205 311433.