Centrepoint celebrates being at the heart of homelessness in Boston for 25 years


A Boston charity which helps homeless and vulnerable people in the town is celebrating a 25 year milestone with a service at the town’s iconic church on Sunday.

Centrepoint Outreach, became registered on November 11, 1991, although it was actually established a few years earlier by members of the Centenary Methodist Church, in Boston, ho realised that there was a need to help people who were struggling to cope with emotional, social and financial problems.

The charity revealed a problem with homelessness in Boston, with initially just a few people attending Drop In sessions. However today the charity’s weekday sessions are regularly attended by between 30 and 40 people.

Chief executive Liz Hopkins said: “Centrepoint Outreach has seen many changes during the past 25 years but sadly there are still high numbers of homeless people in Boston as well as other vulnerable people who, for a variety of reasons, struggle to cope with everyday life.

“The support, both financial and practical, we have received from the local community since the charity was first formed has been amazing.

“Huge thanks go to all those who have freely given their time as volunteers as well as those who have supported in other ways whether financial, or making donations of food, furniture and household goods.

“They have all helped to make a real difference to the lives of homeless and vulnerable people in Boston.”


Since 1991 thousands of people have been through the doors of the charity’s drop-in centre where they have been made welcome with a cup of tea in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

The charity has also helped hundreds of homeless people to find accommodation as well as providing a shower and other facilities for rough sleepers.

Furniture and household goods have been provided for people being rehoused or housed for the first time and people in need have been helped with emergency food parcels.

A service in celebration of the charity’s success will take place in Boston Stump on Sunday, November 20, at 10.30am.

All are welcome to attend particularly those who have been involved with the charity in any way during the past 25 years.