Charitable trio seek Triumph

Three friends from Boston are appealing for help in tracing a classic car they need in order to take on an epic 48-hour driving challenge for charity.

Stephen King, 56, Carl Bolland, 46, and Mark Taylor, 48, have booked themselves a place on the 25th Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run for this October.

The event challenges participants to cover almost 2,000 miles in 48 hours, with no overnight stops, in Triumph or Standard motor cars.

It is held biannually, making this year the run’s 50th anniversary.

While Stephen, Carl and Mark are all classic car enthusiasts, they do not own a Triumph or Standard.

As such, they are appealing through the Standard for anyone who has one and is willing to sell it for a good cause to get in touch with them.

“We have already been accepted, but we just don’t have a car,” said Stephen.

The run is held for charity, with this year’s cause being Guide Dogs.

Stephen said the car they use will be sold after the event to raise more money for the charity.

The trio’s involvement in the run can be traced back to a friend of Stephen, who sent him an email about it, saying he was taking part.

Stephen said he decided it sounded ‘like good fun and a great way of raising money and giving a bit back’, with Carl and Mark then coming on board.

They said they were looking forward to the challenge of the event.

“It’s expecting a lot of an old car,” said Mark. “We will get through it as best we can.”

Carl joked: “What’s the option? Sit and watch The X Factor on the telly.”

Anyone who can help the trio with their search for a Triumph is asked contact Carl at Silt Side Service, in High Street, Boston, or on 01205 311588, or by calling his mobile phone on 07788 675000.