Charity aims to help those suffering with drug and alcohol problems


A charity which provides support to families or carers of those engaging in drug and alcohol abuse is urging people in need to get in touch.

Based at the Len Medlock Centre, in St George’s Road, Boston, Oasis offers ‘caring and friendly support based on personal experience’.

The service is confidential and free of charge.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Most people we see are referred to us by their GPs and other organisations. But there are a lot we would like to reach out to that aren’t aware we are here to help.

“If you believe a loved one is using drugs or excessive alcohol, it is important not to panic. Show you care -chastising or trying to frighten them with horror stories does not help.

“Calmness and accurate information does help. As a parent your job is to know what you are talking about, so your guidance can be trusted and followed by your child.

“Many families feel guilty, ashamed and unable to cope with many of the spin off problems of substance misuse, e.g. theft and deceit.”

The service covers Lincolnshire and one of the centres used to see families is Len Medlock Centre. There are outreach services in Skegness and Spalding, with options to arrange visits in other areas.

l Call the Oasis helpline on 07900013041 or email