Charity steps in to help Thomas travel in comfort

Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner

A disabled young boy will be able to sit in comfort when travelling in a car thanks to a charity stepping in to help with a specialist seat for him.

Five-year-old Thomas Gardner, of Boston, suffers from Leukodystrophy – a degenerative disorder which can result in progressive loss of body tone, movement, speech, vision and hearing.

The condition means Thomas slumps in his seat which leaves the safety strap cutting into his neck.

UK children’s disability charity Newlife Foundation has stepped in to help pay for a purpose-made seat – which cost £2,391 – to help.

Mum Gemma said: “We recently went on a family holiday to Dorset. Thomas was excited and had been signing ‘holiday’ for weeks before, but the long journey, which was so uncomfortable for him, really took its toll.”

Because of the risk to Thomas’s safety, Newlife is fast-tracking the application. Gemma said: “We were able to trial one of these car seats – it sat him upright and supported him in all the right places. Thomas was sat in it like a king! Not only that, but it has a swivel base so it will be easier to get him in and out of the vehicle, reducing discomfort to his legs and the chances of him banging his head. With journeys to and from school and hospital and clinic appointments, getting this equipment will be a huge help on an almost daily basis.”

Newlife is currently working with the family of another disabled child in Lincolnshire, with equipment needs totalling £5,418. For details of Newlife Foundation’s help for disabled and terminally ill children and their families, call 0800 902 0095 or go to