Check the claims of roof coaters

TRADING Standards are issuing advice to home owners in the Boston borough to check the credentials and claims of companies operating roof-cleaning services.

The Standard spoke to Lincolnshire Trading Standards after a resident of Boston called in to complain her house and garden had been damaged when her neighbour’s roof was sprayed with a red-coloured coating.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “I had already warned them not to do it as it was a windy day. They went ahead anyway leaving my summer house and conservatory covered with a red grit.”

She added: “The water from the spray also left a muddy river down the side of my garden - it looks a right state and it’s going to take me time and money to put it right.”

However, Trading Standards said they could only take up the matter if the complaint was made by the consumer (owner of the roof).

Nick Dawes, divisional manager at Lincolnshire Trading Standards, said:

“We are sometimes contacted by people concerned about work undertaken by roofing companies.

“In general, we would always advise people considering a roof coating to check any claims that are being made about the coatings, such as extending the life of tiles or increasing the insulation properties, as these are likely to be difficult to prove.”

He added: “To make sure any work to your home is cost effective, always obtain a number of quotes from reputable businesses.”