Chip shop thief stole Poppy Appeal box

Shane Bradshaw who runs Ted West's chip shop, Boston, which was burgled and had 3 charity boxes stolen.
Shane Bradshaw who runs Ted West's chip shop, Boston, which was burgled and had 3 charity boxes stolen.
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As the nation prepares to remember the war dead and those who continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, a ‘disgusting’ thief has stolen a Poppy Appeal collection box.

Two other charity boxes, cash and a tablet computer were also taken during the raid on Ted West’s chip shop in Eastwood Road, Boston.

The act came just over a week before Remembrance Sunday.

“It’s absolutely disgusting they would take money for charity,” said owner Shane Bradshaw. “And sadly, I think the charity boxes were the reason my shop was targeted.”

The other two collection boxes were for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Coastguard, which Mr Bradshaw is an on-call volunteer for.

“I think there was about two hundred pounds in them as customers have been extra generous for the Poppy Appeal - with many putting their change in them,” he said. “Whoever has done this is disgusting.”

Shane said he has supported these charities for years, but may not have the boxes back on site now, for ‘fear of being targeted again’.

The burglary took place some time overnight from Wednesday to Thursday with the offender smashing a small window to get inside.

Shane runs the chippy with his partner Carol Morehen – and the pair, who live in Sibsey, arrived on Thursday morning to find a window smashed and the items taken.

“Thankfully there was just small change in the till but they also took an envelope with some money in it to pay one of our suppliers,” Shane said.

Customers have since left messages of support on the chip shop’s Facebook page and expressed anger at the offenders.

One wrote: “How do they sleep at night? Lowest of the low - scumbags!”Another commented: “What is the world coming to when they can steal from charities?”

Boston police are now investigating the incident.

Mr Bradshaw said: “I would like to thank the police for being so quick to respond and also our customers for sticking with us when we had to close on Thursday to get the window replaced.

“We’ve not got a fortune to spend on security measures to stop this happening again.”

Anyone with information about the offence should call Boston Police by dialling 101 and quoting incident number 150 of October 30.