Church award is purr-fect for animal lovers

Boston Stump has won an award for being animal friendly
Boston Stump has won an award for being animal friendly

Friends of the animals rejoice! Boston Stump has been rewarded for its friendliness towards critters of all shapes and sizes.

St Botolph’s Church has been given the Animal Friendly Church 2016 award by the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) after it was judged as having one of the ‘strongest’ applications.

Head verger Adam Kelk said: “St Botolph’s Church are incredibly delighted to accept the award.

“As a church, and indeed as a parish, we ensure we are welcoming to all, with our parish statement being ‘A Place of Hospitality’.

“For us this extends further than just to the people of Boston, but their animals too.

“We encourage visitors to bring their dogs into the church with them.

“Within the church we have an area designated for dogs with a bowl of water and another with dog treats in.

“We are conscious of animal welfare issues and make sure that anything we buy for our coffee shop is from a good, sustainable source.”

He added: “We encourage wildlife outdoors too, with the help of Boston in Bloom and other community organisations, by creating wildflower areas and having flower beds.”

As well as welcoming man’s best friend and providing a ‘doggy snack bar’, the church provides nesting facilities for Peregrine Falcons and has worked around bats to ensure they do not cover access points.

They have commissioned several surveys, including how to humanely deter pigeons from roosting at the top of the tower.

ASWA honorary secretary Samantha Chandler said: ‘The society are delighted to award the winner of the 2016 Animal Friendly Church Award to St Botolph’s, Boston.

“Congratulations to all the team and thank you all for caring.”