Claire has her eyes firmly on pies prize

Claire Tunnard of Wigtoft, pie design finalist.
Claire Tunnard of Wigtoft, pie design finalist.

A farmer who is ‘passionate about tasty, home produced products from high quality ingredients’ has reached the final of a competition to create a tasty pie.

Claire Tunnard, of Wigtoft, has been shortlisted out of 100 entrants tasked with coming up with their dream pie flavour in manufacturer Pork Farms’ Your Pie, Your Way competition.

Claire’s combination of Thai style pork with coconut and lemongrass is in the top five creations.

She will have her pie put to a vote across Pork Farms social media and website in a bid to see it debut during British Food Fortnight.

She said: “We were so excited when we got the email - we couldn’t believe it!

“The whole family love food from around the world and we thought it would be interesting to give something so traditionally British a Thai twist.

“As we are farmers, we are passionate about tasty, home produced products from high quality ingredients.

“We can’t wait to taste it if our choice wins.”

Other submissions include curry, chorizo and jalapeno combinations and even custard, apricots and jam.

Pork Farms head chef, Brian Poulson, said: “We received a plethora of creative flavour combinations from filling ingredients, right through to textures and flavours of the pastry, which shows we may have some budding pie chefs out there!”

The winner will win an exclusive pork pie trophy, a year’s supply of pork pies and, along with a Pork Farms chef, will be the first to sample the new pie creation, straight off the production line.

In addition, a sampling van will take the winning pie on tour during British Food Fortnight at the end of September.

To vote for Claire visit Pork Farms Facebook page or

The deadline for voting is August, with British Food Fortnight taking place from September 17–October 2, 2016.