Cold frosty nights gave way to warm days

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LAST month in Boston was the driest March in the town since 1997.

This is the word from town weatherman Albert Kirkham, who recorded less than a 10th in rain of what would be expected for the month.

In all, some 4.6mm (0.18ins) fell in the town during March - compared to an average of 47.9mm (1.88ins).

The vast majority of this fell on the 30th, when 3.7mm (0.15ins) was recorded. The other, just 0.9mm (0.03ins), fell across six days.

The first six days of the month were cold and cloudy, said Mr Kirkham, but then most days were warmer than average and sunny, but with cold frosty nights.

The mean maximum was 11.7C (52.9F), up on the average of 10.6C (50.9F).

The mean minimum was 2.8C (37.2F), in line with the average.

The highest maximum was recorded on the 23rd at 18.3C (65F).

On the 30th and 31st, the temperature fell no lower than 8.3C (47F) - the highest minimum of the month.

The lowest maximum came on the 3rd when the mercury climbed no higher than the 3.9C (39F).

On the 8th, 14th and 19th, the temperature dropped as low as -3.3C (26F) - the lowest of the month.

The 8th and 19th also provided the lowest grass minimum, -7.8C (18F).

There were five air frosts, 14 ground frosts, two days with fog and seven with no sunshine.

Bright sunshine fell just short of the average - 118.2 hours against 120.8 hours.

The sunniest day was the 19th, when 9.4 hours was enjoyed.

The highest barometer reading was 30.67ins on the 23rd and the lowest was 29.41ins on the 13th.