Collectables donated to town Oxfam shop

Oxfam shop volunteer Lee-Anne Cooper with some of the 'collectable Wade Whimsies figurines. GG
Oxfam shop volunteer Lee-Anne Cooper with some of the 'collectable Wade Whimsies figurines. GG
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A VARIETY of unusual items have been donated to Boston’s Oxfam shop over the years - with many requiring skilled research to determine their value.

One such donation recently made to the shop was 20 miniature animal ornaments hidden within a box of various bric-a-brac items.

Known as Wade Whimsies, they are believed to be collectors’ items.

Volunteer Lee-Ann Cooper found them wedged inside a china watering can donated by a member of the public.

“I recognised them as Wade Whimsies figures as my grandfather used to have the tortoise collection,” she said. “I think they could be of huge interest for collectors.”

The figures, including a walrus, fox, poodle and owl, are now on sale with prices ranging from £3.99 up to £12.75 for a hippo believed to be one of rarer pieces.

Shop manager Stephen Gash said: “We are really pleased people are making such interesting donations at the shop and we’re very grateful to those who bring them in to us.”

More volunteers are now needed at the shop, situated in Wide Bargate, to help with valuations of their more unusual or collectable donations.

Another donated item they are currently researching is Beatles photo book from 1987 – which has been signed by the author.

Staff have seen copies of the book for sale online at around £90 but are yet to determine what price they will give it.

“If it goes for around this price it will be one of the most valuable books we have ever sold at the shop,” said Stephen.

Lee-Ann concluded: “We don’t always know what things are or how much they’re worth, so volunteers who can help us with this kind or research are very much needed.”

l To become a volunteer at the Boston Oxfam shop call 01205 368733.