Commemorative medal on show at council

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A medal commemorating the opening of the Municipal Buildings in 1904, has been donated to the council by a resident.

The medal has joined the collection of civic regalia in Boston Borough Council’s display cabinet after it was donated by Stephen Pettit to Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire as a thank you after he helped him with a personal difficulty.

Mr Pettit said: “I thought it should return home – better than it being locked away in a drawer.”

Coun Singleton-McGuire and Mr Pettit decided the medal should join the council’s official regalia collection in the council chamber at the building.

A duplicate medal already on show in the cabinet means both sides can now be displayed at once.

Mr Pettit originally purchased the medal from a man in Leicestershire.

One side of the medal depicts the front of the building in West Street and the reverse bears the words “In commemoration of the opening of the Municipal Buildings, Boston, Joseph Cooke, Mayor, June 16, 1904”.