Community rallies around to buy young girl a new bike after hers is stolen

Mackenzie Rivett-Milne on her new bike, bought by the local community. QR5xJyzoNXKYa674EzIy
Mackenzie Rivett-Milne on her new bike, bought by the local community. QR5xJyzoNXKYa674EzIy

A community came together and pitched in to raise £200 in 20 minutes to buy a little girl a new bike after hers was stolen from her back yard.

Eight-year-old Mackenzie Rivett-Milne’s bike was stolen from her home on Taverner Road, in Boston, on Monday, February 2.

She’d received the bike for Christmas after mum Sarah ‘saved hard for it’.

Sarah said she felt the theft was her own fault because on that night she had forgotten to lock it up and said it had left her girl ‘heartbroken’ when it had happened.

Sarah said: “As you can imagine she was extremely upset and couldn’t understand why a ‘ nasty person’ would take a child’s bike. Heartbreaking as a mum to explain too!”

However, after she posted the crime on Facebook, friends and family – without her knowing – rallied around to raise £200 in around 20 minutes to buy a new bike.

“Unbeknownst to me the amazing people from our estate heard what had happened and some chipped in money to buy Mackenzie a new bike! To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement, completely shocked and surprised by their generosity,” said Sarah.

“That has gone a long way in showing my daughter that for every one bad person there is, there are also a lot of good!”

The initial idea to raise the money was put forward by Rebecca Nuttell-Cuthbert, formerly of Ingelow Avenue but who has now moved to Sibsey. She was helped by friends Kirsty and Shell Milne.

Rebecca said: “I’ve known the little girls mum all my life. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw her post saying she was devastated and that her girl had gone to bed crying.

“I’ve got four kids and I thought ‘how could anyone do that?’ Something just clicked in my mind so I asked everybody if they could chip in.”

She said the messages just started flooding in response to her post.

Since posting The Standard’s Facebook, Sarah’s story has received more than 870 likes and nearly 70 comments.

Sarah said Mackenzie is now making sure her bike is locked up at night.

In 2013 Mackenzie and her friend raised money for Comic Relief by having their hair cut off.

Officers are asking anyone with information to call Lincolnshire Police on 101.