Coningsby typhoons deployed to Cyprus as Syria crisis talks continue

Typhoon jet
Typhoon jet

Typhoons from RAF Coningsby have been deployed to Cyprus this morning as a ‘precautionary measure’.

The Ministry of Defence said six interceptor fast jets are being deployed from the station to Akrotiri as part of ‘ongoing contingency planning’.

The deployment comes as Parliament discusses Britain’s reaction to the ongoing situation in Syria where it is alleged chemical weapons have been used.

A spokesman said: “This is a precautionary measure, specifically aimed at protecting UK interests and the defence of our Sovereign Base Areas at a time of heightened tension in the wider region. This is a movement of defensive assets operating in an air-to-air role only. They are not deploying to take part in any military action against Syria.

“The Prime Minister has made clear no decision has been taken on the UK’s response to the situation in Syria and there will be a Commons vote before any direct military involvement.”