Contagion (12A) review by Boston Grammar School student Joe Baxter

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Contagion (12A) review by Boston Grammar School student Joe Baxter

CONTAGION is brought to us by the brilliant mind of Steven Soderbergh and is possibly one of the most realistic films about disease to hit the screens.

Many hours of research were put into this film, such as the reactions of health officials and the most likely disease which could mutate and wipe out thousands of humans, and it definitely shows; because Contagion will make you paranoid about what you touch

Contagion features an all star cast (Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law) and normally when there are many big names in a film, many characters are underdeveloped and just given very little screen time.

Thankfully with Contagion, this is not the case; while Matt Damon is the central character of the film, each story for every character is fleshed out well (some better than others) and come to a satisfying conclusion (with the exception of Marion Cotillard’s which ends rather abruptly).

The story of Contagion doesn’t rely on every character meeting which adds to the sense of loneliness felt by the characters as the disease takes more and more victims.

This, yet again, adds to the realistic feel of Contagion, making it one scary film.

Whilst the ending of the film could have been tenser or taken an alternate route, Contagion is indeed a well made film, which will entertain those who don’t rely on explosions to be entertained.


l Contagion will be shown at West End Cinema, in Boston, today (Wedneday) and tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm, 6.20pm and 8.45pm.