Coolest June in Boston since 1991

BOSTON experienced the coolest June on record since 1991 – according to the town’s weatherman Albert Kirkham.

Mr Kirkham said it was also the wettest since 2007, and the least sunniest since 1997.

The highest maximum temperature, on the 28th, was 26.1C (79F). The lowest maximum temperature, recorded on the 3rd and 11th, was 11.7C (53F).

On the 28th, the temperature fell no lower than 16.7C (62F) but on the 13th it was as low as 4.4C (40F). The mean maximum temperature of the month was 18.3C (65.3F) below the average 18.9C (66.1F) for June.

The mean minimum was 10.6C (51F) against the average of 10C (49.8F).

The town had considerably more rainfall than usual, with 114.6mm (4.51ins) against the average of 46.8mm (1.84ins) across 22 days of measurable rain. The greatest rainfall in one day came on the 21st with 20.1mm (0.79ins).

Townspeople enjoyed 145.1 hours of bright sunshine in June, less than the average of 198.9 hours. The sunniest day was on the 30th, with 12.7 hours.

There was one ground frost, two thunder storms and three days with no sunshine at all.

The highest barometer reading came on the 26th at 30.06ins – and the lowest was recorded on the 8th at 29.17ins.