Could Big Brother have found these litter louts?

DO YOU recognise any of the people published on the front of this week’s paper?

They are the first images to be released in connection with our litter campaign in association with Boston Borough Council.

The authority has sent us these CCTV pictures and now they need YOU to help identify the people in them.

Officials said the pictures are related to six instances of littering in West Street, Doughty Quay, the Market Place, Church Lane/Church Street, West Street and Cotton Road/Taverner Road.

The cameras picked up images of food containers, wrappers, bottles and a beer glass being left in these areas.

There was also one incident of dog fouling, which took place on the Wellington Road playing field.

Now the council needs you to help identify these people in connection with the offences, so take a look at this week’s Standard, and see if you know any of the men caught on camera.

This is just the start of our long-running campaign to name and shame those who litter and wreck the appearance of our town.

Along with those who drop litter and allow their dogs to foul without clearing away the mess, people caught throwing down cigarette butts will also come under the spotlight.

All 72 CCTV cameras in the borough will be on the hunt for people dropping their rubbish and letting their dogs foul on the streets of Boston.

Anyone who cannot be identified in connection with the littering by the council’s CCTV officers or the police will be featured in The Standard once a month for our readers to help identify them.

Coun Michael Brookes, Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for street cleansing and refuse, said: “It is hoped the name and shame feature will act as a deterrent. But, we will not fail to take action against those offenders who we can identify and who the public can help us identify.”

Litter louts who are caught through the campaign can expect a fixed penalty of £75.

Standard editor Stephen Stray said: “We want to send a clear message to anyone who believes it is acceptable to litter our town that this is not acceptable.”

If you can help identify any of these people, contact Kath Mountain, environmental enforcement officer at Boston Borough Council, on 01205 311112, or at, giving the email the subject ‘name and shame’.

The council needs a name and address. Calls will be treated as confidential.