Could layby loos be given away?


A suggestion at the meeting of the Boston Town Area Committee on Wednesday included asking the nearby café or parish council to take over the running, care or provision of the Leverton layby toilets.

Coun Brian Rush made the suggestion, and asked if the council could then use those savings towards the town centre facilities.

He said the ‘Victorian’ toilets could be moved closer to the café if needed.

It was also suggested by Coun Rush and Coun Paul Gleeson that the council could subsidise whoever took over the care of the loos.

The councillors were told that previous approaches to Leverton Parish Council had been met with a firm no as parishioners were not the ones who used the loos.

Parish council chairman David Durrant told The Standard: “This matter was discussed one or two parish council meetings ago.

“We replied that we pay our rates and the residents of Leverton do not use the facilities because we use our own.

“We declined to do that, unanimously as I recall.”

Manager of the Traveller’s Rest Café Mim Singh also told The Standard he would decline the offer – even with subsidies – and called the suggestion ‘stupid’.

He said the business had toilets, which were for the use of their customers only ‘not for people who just walk in and use them’.