Could these services be under threat from council transport cuts?


Bus routes from Boston to Spilsby, Coningsby, Horncastle, Skegness and Spalding are among routes which could be most at risk of cuts as the county council looks to balance the books.

Lincolnshire County Council has a list of more than 160 routes across the county which recieve a subsidy from it.

It includes 13 routes which directly reference Boston, as well as some which pass through or near to the borough.

Lincolnshire County Council have not commented on whether these routes are at risk or not.

However, it faces a need to save £170 million over the next four years and authority leader Coun Martin Hill has admitted that ‘some services will stop running’ across the council as a whole.

He told The Standard previously: “In Lincolnshire, we have successfully found £130 million of savings over the last four years and mainly managed to protect frontline services.

“However, we are now being asked to find another £170 million in the next four years with our government grant reducing to 10 per cent of what it was only a short time ago. Frankly this is not sustainable.

“We also face considerable extra costs through inflation, increase in demand for services, and the increase in the national living wage, and there will be a serious impact on the services we fund and deliver.

“No area is immune from this and some of our services will stop running entirely.”

A spokesman for the council said CallConnect busses are included on the list because they are ‘run and fully-funded’ by the county council.

However, they added that the council uses CallConnect as a bus service which, if any companies pull out of any routes, can be used as a replacement for those areas.

The routes which recieve county council subsidies and include a direct reference to Boston are:

- Boston to Skegness

- Boston to Coningsby

- Boston to Horncastle

- Boston to Thomas Cowley School

- Moulton to Boston College

- Horncastle to Boston

- Boston, South Parade Diversion

- Folkingham to Boston

- Horncastle to Boston/Kirkstead

- Boston CallConnect

- Toynton All Saints to Boston

- Boston to Skegness

- Boston to Spalding