Council acts swiftly to catch another fly tipper in Boston

The latest fly tipping incident
The latest fly tipping incident

Boston Borough Council has again acted swiftly to find those responsible for throwing rubbish in the streets.

And it has urged residents who spot fly-tipping to report it directly to them rather than simply putting it on social media so they can take swift action.

A council spokesman said a resident who saw rubbish being dumped in a Boston street on Wednesday immediately reported it to the council.

And, by Thursday, the person responsible had been traced and issued with a £200 fixed penalty fine.

The spokesman said: “A quick call to the council's fly tip hotline meant enforcement officers could be sent to the site immediately and were able to ascertain who was responsible for the dumped rubbish.”

The spokesman said they were very grateful to the person who reported the rubbish, and stressed they could only act if they were given the information.

“Some like to post information, often accompanied with a photograph, on social media,” the spokesman said.

With the proliferation of social media sites, the council cannot monitor all of them all of the time, so it is asking that fly tips are reported direct to the council so that it can take quick and appropriate action.”

Cllr David Brown, the council's portfolio holder for waste services, said of the resident’s action to report the rubbish: "This is exemplary action by someone with real community spirit and I fully applaud it.

“This is exactly what we need if we are to keep the streets clean and dissuade those who might take a chance and fly tip."

Fly tipping can be reported by emailing, calling 01205 314200, or using the online form on the council’s website.