Council and volunteers check in on all Boston flood victims as recovery work continues

Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

All homes in the Boston flood zone will have been visited by the end of today (Sunday) by Boston Borough Council staff and volunteers who are helping to assess any assistance required.

But relatives, neighbours and friends are still being asked to check on those who may have been affected. Authorities dealing with the aftermath of the Boston flood are keen to be sure that everyone is now accounted for and safe.

A spokesman said: “Some people who were evacuated, and others who left their properties as the surge hit the area, have now been returning to their homes.

“So now is the time to ensure that all are well and managing in difficult circumstances. If you find someone in a life-threatening situation please dial 999. For vulnerable people and non life-threatening incidents contact 01522 782 189; for housing issues it is 01205 314200; for help from Red Cross volunteers call 0845 054 7171 and for gas, electricity and water contact your supplier.”

Refuse lorries have continued to tour the town to pick up flood damaged items – although people are still urged to check with their insurance company before throwing items out.

So far 38 tons of flood-damaged items have been lifted off the streets, together with around three tons of fridges, freezers, cookers, TVs and electrical items. A further 20 tons has been taken away from skips located in the flood zone for people to use.

The authorities have asked that all donations of non-perishable food items for Boston flood victims be taken to the Zion Methodist Church in Brothertoft Road between 3pm and 6pm today (Sunday) and between 10am and noon and 2pm and 4pm Monday to Friday.